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How long is the portrait session?


From start to finish an on location portrait sessions typically takes about an hour.

When working with new borns or with groups exceeding 12 ppl, the session may take up to 90 mins.


What can we expect?


Family photo shoots typically include one or two group shots followed by various poses of the different family dynamics, single shots of the kids solo and then together and pictures of the parents with the kids.


In addition to the posed shots I will do my best to create environment which is conducive to capturing real moments, environmental pics and candid shots.


Where should we shoot?


If we have access to a private rural property I would opt to shoot there.

Public parks, provincial parks, conservation areas and local beaches are all very accessible to us as shoot locations.


Or, we could venture off to an alternate location, which could include shooting at a vineyard, a farmstead or an urban centre. Really I’m open to suggestions, I want the location to reflect your personal tastes and style and even better if there is an emotional attachment to the space.


When should we schedule our shoot?


I am mainly a location photographer, so unless we are shooting with studio equipment on location we are likely using available light. There is a time of day referred to as the magic hour. This is takes place in the hours just before the sun goes down. The closer we get to sunset the softer more diffused the lighting is.

The best light in summer is typically at around 7:00pm. So I recommend shoots be scheduled in the evening from 6:30 pm or later.


In the case that you have small children or you are unavailable to shoot in the evenings, the next best time of day would be morning before 9:00am.


What should we wear to our portrait session?


May I encourage you to be inspired to set a tone by coordinating your wardrobes to be in step with the season and/or the location.


Choosing a general complimentary colour palate(s) or a loose theme works best. Solids are a good base and patterns are best applied in the form of accents or accessories like scarves or necklaces (or on little people to help them stand out!).


THINGS TO AVOID are bright whites and exact matching outfits.


How long will it take you to edit our photos?


Editing a single photo can take up to 25 minutes, a single session can take up to 6 hours.


Do you retouch every photograph?


I observe every single image in my post-production process. Each file is assessed individually to ensure it is up to standard. I check to be sure that the image in focus and that the color temperatures, saturations and tonal values are all balanced. Further, I enhance/retouch those close up shots to highlight your best features.


When will we get our pictures?


Your images will be ready with in two weeks of our shoot date.

I promise, I am as excited as you are and will send you an email with a link to your online gallery the minute they are ready!


Do we get a copy of the digital files?


Yes! You will have full access to the online password protected image gallery, where you can preview and download the fully edited and optimized print ready high-resolution JPEG image files. Images will also be saved to a USB key and delivered to you directly either in person or via Canada Post.


Do we see all of the photos you took?


Absolutely not, this is a quality control issue. I do not release unedited photographs. Trust that I will give you the best images and leave out the technically failed shots and those with eyes closed, talking shots and double chins.


How many photos will I get?


Though each session varies, a 1 hour photo session usually yields approx. of 50-100 photographs.


Can I upload my photos to facebook?


You betcha! As stated in our contract, you may use your photos for personal use. If you wish to share your photos on Facebook I am more then supportive, I just ask that you please remember to give me a photo credit under every photo. Thank you.


Because I paid you to take the photos, does that mean I own the copyright?


No.  Federal law supports that the photographer retains the copyright to their images, unless otherwise negotiated between the client and the photographer.


I retain copyright to ensure that I can use my work for submission to publication, commercial sale or for promotional use. Further, by retaining the copyright I ensure that you, the client, cannot sell the images or submit them for publication with out my acknowledgement.


When you receive the digital files you are granted permission for certain uses such as printing and on line sharing, as long as it is solely for personal use. If you wish to purchase the copyright, you can do so for an additional fee, which would include a Non-Disclosure Agreement specifying that I will no longer possess or use the images in any way.


Can I edit or manipulate the photos?


Feel free to crop or resize your images as you see fit, but I ask that you please leave the post-production editing to me.


What kind of cameras do you have?


I am a Nikon shooter, DSLR. I have been digital from the beginning of my career in 2003. My current body is the Nikon D800, I have a D5500 as a back up body. I shoot with premium Nikon glass, all prime lenses. I keep my gear base current by leasing it instead of buying it. This way I am always up to date with sate of the art equipment.


Do you shoot in RAW format?


Yes, shooting in RAW allows me to get the highest image quality and further supports me in shooting with intention for specific postproduction processing techniques. Once the edit process is completed, the images will be exported and compressed in to high-resolution JPEGS then issued to you on a disc.


Do you travel outside of your region?


I do travel for work and I have an enormous sense of adventure!


If required to travel outside of my catchment area which stretches east to Kingston and west to Cobourg or, if your destination is accessible by roadways and exceeds 200 km return trip from my home base here in Wellington, Prince Edward County, a mileage fee at a rate of 0.50/km will be added to your total.


If your destination exceeds 350 km round trip an accommodation allowance will also be negotiated into the travel cost.


If I am required to fly, my flights, accommodation and a meal allowance will be negotiated into the travel fee.


If I know someone in your region, I will happily stay with friends or family to help eliminate extra costs.


Do you have any formal training?


Yes, I am graduate of the Loyalist College Photojournalism Diploma Program. I also hold a certificate in Fine Art and Design from the same institution.